“Guardian Pharmacy continually strives for the safety of our residents related to potential drug interactions and medication errors. They have best practice and proactive approaches to reviewing not only new admissions coming in, but also the medication regimens of our long-term care residents and assist in fall interventions. The pharmacy works closely with our nursing team to ensure we are in compliance with both state and federal pharmacy regulations in a very present and consistent manner.”

– C. Inman RN, BSN

C. Inman

 “Guardian Pharmacy is more than just another vendor. They treat us like family, and they work with us to get through tough issues when they arise.”

– Catherine T.

Catherine T. La Amistad

“Guardian has been a pleasure to work with. Guardian is on hand 24 hours a day to help us process medication and prior authorization issues. Their delivery is prompt and we have used their emergency delivery services in times of need. They have always come through. Guardian is always ready and willing to problem solve any issue we may be having at the facility level and have made several changes to meet our systems ever-changing need. They have helped us develop a more succinct medication formulary to aid in keeping copays low for our consumers, installed and manage medication dispense systems for our facility and provide consult pharmacy services to us, all of which has benefited our patients care.”

– Devon K.

Devon K

“I always feel a positive reception from Guardian Pharmacy Orlando to my needs as the Director of Nursing regardless how small or large. They provide a feeling of personal connection that supports our values. My favorite service is their consistency in providing easy access to their knowledge and support. They are a valuable part of our care team.”

– Sandra B.

Sandra B.

“Please let me thank you and your company for being so easy to work with. Customer Service in today’s era is hard to find. Your company excels.”

– Chris D.

Chris D

“Thank you for all the time and effort on creating the Therapeutic Interchange Program, this program helps with medication costs for the facility and is an easy program for the nurses to manage on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do Guardian Pharmacy, your team goes above and beyond!”

– Stephanie L., ADON, RN

Stephanie L

“Guardian Pharmacy provides us with exceptional service, which in turn helps us provide better services to our LTC residents.”

JoAnn M.

JoAnn M

“Guardian was the best pharmacy pharmacy that I had the pleasure of working with in my entire nursing career. Mike and Erin are the BEST!”

R. Khan

R Khan

“In a meeting with two of our executives about an unrelated issue, they both raved about Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota and their excellent customer service. After choosing Guardian, we couldn’t agree more!”

– Director, Long-Term Care Community (MN)

Director, Long-Term Care Community

“Guardian’s clinical prowess really shines with the ancillary services offered. Our facility has experienced improved resident outcomes as a direct result of collaboration with their pharmacy consultants. This team of experts lends decades of experience to our clinical mission. We have seen our psychotropic medications reduced and the dose-per-dose clinical efficacy enhanced thanks to their analysis and consultation on our residents.”

Garrett McIntosh- Garrett McIntosh, Director of Nursing